Hairs on my chinny chin chin!


Last week, I must have caught a different light in my bathroom mirror. Because I noticed a very ugly, LONG, DARK stray hair emerging from my chin! I was HORRIFIED!!!

The very scary truth is that this is a necessary part of the ageing process. As women reach the menopause, female hormones (oestrogen) start to reduce, and the male hormones (testosterone) start to overtake. Causing hair in very unwanted places!

What’s even more frightening, is that this issue is can be hereditary…and when I went to examine my mothers chin…I noticed she had them too!

While this may be an inevitable fact of ageing, if you experience facial hair growth at a young age, it could signify an underlying hormonal imbalance. When other features such as acne, and hair thinning on the scalp are associated, polycystic ovarian syndrome should be excluded.


Plucking for single hairs is the quickest and easiest. And No. It does not encourage those suckers to grow back more aggressively. Depilatory creams, electrolysis, or laser can also be used with good effect.

Sigh...just another thing to add to the list of maintenance.

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