Get to know Amelia - dermal clinician


What is your role at Skindepth?

I am a Dermal Clincian here at Skindepth.

What is your favourite aspect about the dermal industry?

I love being able to meet so many different patients and being able to be the problem solver for their skin. Getting to see them back for the treatments and watch their skin change over the months and be on their skin journey

What is your favourite skin care product?

RATIONALE #1 Serum & Biopelle KNR serum – I love the subtle change it makes to my pigmentation and my skin always looks much healthier the next day

What is your favourite treatment?

I love to universally treat the face with a combination of vbeam vascular laser and our pastelle pigment laser. The results are incredible

What is your personal skin care and treatment regime?

AM: #1 serum, Hyal Ceutic, La Roche Posay tinted sunscreen

PM: Avene gentle cleanser, KNR & RATIONALE #5 the gel creme or alternate nights RATIONALE #5 the serum, Regen Ceutic.

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