Busting botulinum toxin myths


Been thinking about anti-wrinkle injections, but concerned about a 'frozen face' or a 'eyebrow droop'? Here we quiz Sally Coffey, Skindepth's registered injectables nurse extraordinaire, and bust the myths...and the wrinkles!

Nurse Sally administering anti wrinkle injections

Myth 1- It is possible to become immune to muscle relaxant injections

Truth- Although rare, it is possible due to factors like antibody development or fast metabolism. However, with the right technique, dose and product you are sure to maintain smooth wrinkle free skin for years

Myth 2- One brand is superior to another

Truth- There are currently three different formulations of botulinium toxin available in Australia. They each have a slightly different protein make up, but work in similar manners. Different formulations may suit different people. If you have experienced issues with one type of anti-wrinkle injection, it doesn’t mean the others will cause the same issues. In this case it is best to speak to Nurse Sally and Dr Alice Rudd to see which product is right for you.

Myth 3- Muscle relaxant will make you look frozen or that you will not have an expression

Truth- Discussing your ideal outcome with your practitioner is very important. The medicine targets specific muscles rather than the entire face, therefore expression and a natural look can be easily maintained in the hands of a trained injector.

Myth 4- I don’t have any wrinkles so I don’t need muscle relaxants

Truth- Anti wrinkle injections can be used as a great preventative to forming what we call Static lines, which are lines that are present when at rest. By reducing the movement of the active muscles as we are ageing, the risk of these lines developing lessens and ageing process slows. It is more difficult to smooth out the appearance once these lines have formed.

Myth 5- When the muscle relaxant wears off my wrinkles will be worse

Truth- Muscle relaxants work to prevent the worsening of wrinkles during the treatment phase. If you decide to no longer have the injections, slowly the muscles will resume normal movement and the development of wrinkles, much the same as they were before.

Myth 6- Anti wrinkle injections work immediately

Truth- In most people, the medication takes between 3-5 days to begin to work on our muscles, by two weeks the medication should have reached its full potential. However, this does not mean that your wrinkles will magically disappear at this time. The way the product works is to temporarily relax the muscle that is targeted, over time, as this muscle is not being used, the lines that had formed due to the muscle activity will slowly soften with the reduced activity. It often takes a few consecutive treatments to smooth these lines out completely.

Myth 7- Anti-wrinkle injections are painful

Truth- Most people only experience minor discomfort during injection, and liken it to the feeling of an ‘ant bite’. The needles are very thin and only tiny amounts of liquid are being injected each time. The number of injection points varies between individuals and is determined by the size and position of the muscles and the desired result.

Feeling a little less apprehensive? Book in with Super nurse Sally to talk more about how anti wrinkle injections might work for you! Sally has extensive experience in injectables working with plastic surgeons and dermatologists and has a gentle nurturing manner, just what a first timer needs! Sally works with aesthetic patients on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-6pm and looks forward to meeting you!

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