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In a new series of blogs, I want you all to get to know the Skindepth family, and how each person plays their unique role in getting you on the journey to healthy skin. This month, Amelia Cartmel, our resident dermal clinician, who has been with Skindepth since its beginning, will tell us about what she does on daily basis to help our patients skin.

Hi, I’m Amelia, Senior Dermal Clinician at Skindepth Dermatology.

I have a Bachelor of Health Science, Dermal Therapies from Victoria University as well as a Bachelor of Business.

Dermal therapies allows me to specialize in the area of skin integrity management via a variety of well established modalities including chemical peels, laser treatments and skin care advice.

What I love most about what I do is seeing the change I can make to my clients skin, which gives them confidence in themselves. My treatments are very pampering but clinically based.

I love that in my role as dermal clinician, I am able to assist Dr Alice Rudd in provide laser therapies, an essential part of the treatment plan for our rosacea patients. I also perform individualized enzyme peels, laser Genesis, laser toning, Endymed and Kleresca.

My favourite treatment is the Skindepth Signature Treatment! This treatment is the perfect ‘pick me up’ and gives the skin a beautiful glow. In this treatment I can treat a range of different skin conditions and concerns by tailoring the treatment to each individual client by improving tone and texture of the skin. The ultimate skin rejuvenation leaving the skin refreshed, glowing and smooth.

My current ‘go-to products”

  • Rationale Immunologist – for barrier repair and complexion enhancement
  • Dermaceutic K Ceutic – for essential UV protection
  • Dermaceutic KNR Serum –packs a punch on pigment
  • La Roche Posay Anthelios Comfort Tinted Sunscreen – For Sundays when I go hiking in the hills

My personal beauty routine

No matter what I always cleanse my skin at night! I like to keep my skin care routine very simple and try to have regular chemical peel and heal lite to keep up the maintenance of my skin. Growing up in Queensland and at the beach my biggest concern with my skin is pigmentation. That is why I love products; Rationale Immunologist and Dermaceutic KNR Serum( Vitamin B and Kojic acid) to help fade and strengthen my skin.

My daily must have’s:


  • Rationale Immunologist
  • Rationale Hydra Vitale Emulsion
  • Sunscreen
  • Makeup

Night Time

  • Rationale Pro Ceramide Cleanser
  • Alternating Nights between: KNR Serum and Catalyst Serum (BHA & AHA serum)
  • Rationale DNA Night Cream or Catalyst Gel crème

My wellness tips

My weeks would not be complete with coffee, peanut butter, smoothies, lots of water, cooking easy meals and keeping active! Not only for my body but my mind, keeping active throughout the week is an essential for me. I see my personal trainer twice a week, stretch/yoga at least once a week as well as my Sunday Adventures! Getting out on Sunday and going for a walk allows me to reset for the next week ahead!

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