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Over the weekend, the Skindepth Clinical Team attended the Australasian Society Cosmetic Dermatologists Virtual Conference. This was attended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians and dermal clinicians from all around the world! Here’s a little of what we learnt and will bring back to you in clinic!

Dermal Clinicians: Alanna, Amelia and Lily

Lily: I learnt how laser can assist in topical skincare delivery. It dehydrates the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum) like a dry sponge and then the serum is applied, it then gets absorbed

Alanna: A multimodal approach to treatment will allow me to get the best results for my patients. Not only when addressing issues like acne scarring, but also for areas such as around the mouth where it may appear the lips are the issue but infact it maybe the chin that is depressed or has lost volume that affects how the lips appear. focussing treatment on one area only will not give the best overall results as opposed to addressing all components that relate to/create the concern.

Amelia: Combination therapy for acne scarring: combining needling, TCA and subcision.

Dr Alice: treating acne scarring ALWAYS involves treating the active inflammatory acne first. Many of our patients really dislike the redness that is left as the reuslt of some acne, and view it as a form of ‘scarring.’ Vascular laser such as Vbeam can treat redness from acne but it can also address some forms of atrophic (depressed scarring) Like Alanna said all skin conditions require a multidisciplinary approach.

We will tell you all the rest in clinic when we see you!

Team Skindepth xxx

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