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Lily is one of our Dermal Clinicians at Skindepth. Lily loves working closely with her clients to create healthy skin. She is particularly passionate about treating acne, laser and the incredible benefits of the right skincare. She has tried just about every skin care product on the market. So we thought we would get the benefit of her hard work and find out her ultimate pick!  

I’ve been asked to talk about my favourite product and it didn’t take me very long to think of one. The Rationale B3-T Tinted superfluid SPF 50+ is a product I use every single day without fail. It’s a lightweight sunscreen with a slight tint and fluid consistency. 

This is the best sunscreen on the market as it has everything you want in a SPF. It blocks your skin from the entire solar constant. This means is that it not only blocks the skin from UVA and UVB (like most sunscreens), but it also blocks against visible light, blue light and infrared light. Recent studies show that these other wavelengths of light can also be damaging to the skin, so Rationale’s Superfluid ensures superior protection. The Rationale B3-T Tinted superfluid has the added bonus of containing Vitamin B3, antioxidants green and red tea extracts as well as Vitamins C, D and E. So it’s not only stopping the harmful light from damaging your skin but it’s also repairing any previous damage. 

Sunscreen is the most important product you can be using on a daily basis. You must use it daily whether its summer or winter and it’s important to re-apply throughout the day. Sunscreen protects us from the most harmful and damaging environmental factors of the sun which can cause skin cancer, broken capillaries, pigmentation and accelerated visible skins of ageing.  

Love Lily

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