The ins and outs of Vitamin A


Vitamin A, commonly known as retinol is an amazing product to incorporate into your skin care routine if you are concerned with your skin texture, complexion, pigmentation or pores. 

Vitamin A is a chemical exfoliant. The increase in cellular turn over helps to refine skin texture and imperfections. It can also help to regulate oil flow.

Vitamin A is best to be used as a part of your night time skin care routine, after you cleanse and before you moisturise. As it exfoliates the skin it can make you a little bit more sensitive to the sun, therefore, SPF in the morning is a must!

We always suggest starting with a lower percent of Vitamin A and then slowly working your way up. We also recommend a gradual introduction, usually every second night for a couple of weeks until your skin is used to the product.

We have a range of different Vitamin A products that will be chosen individually based on your skin and its needs. 

To find out more about how you can incorporate Vitamin A into your routine reach out for a skin consultation with one of our Dermal Clinicians by emailing

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