The 411 on moisturisers


If you’re confused about which moisturiser is best for your skin then you’re not alone. In fact it is one of the most common questions we get…. Well unfortunately there is no easy answer and that’s because everyone has a different skin condition so one size doesn’t fit all.

There are a variety of skin conditions as well as skin types including oily, dry, dehydrated and combination skin. In order to determine which moisturiser will work best we have to look at the individual’s skin.

There are some general rules of thumb we can use so let’s break it down.

There are two types of moisturising ingredients, humectants and cermaides. Humectant ingredients act like magnets that attract water to the skin. They work by pulling moisture from the air into the upper layer of the skin to encourage hydration. Ceramides work differently as they are a fat molecule that help the skin retain moisture. Therefore oily skin types need a lighter moisturiser that contain humectant ingredients because they already have plenty of natural oil keeping their skin moisturised. While a dry skin type will prefer a thicker moisturiser, rich in essential fatty acids (ceramides) to retain as much moisture as possible.  

Moisturisers also differ in the type and number of active ingredients they contain such as vitamins, minerals, peptides, antioxidants. Some skin types that are very sensitive or reactive need a basic moisturiser with minimal active ingredients to prevent flare ups, while other skin types that are more resilient will be able to tolerate stronger concentrated products. Moisturisers are formulated differently that is why we normally recommend cosmeceutical over cosmetic brands. These cosmeceutical brands contain quality active ingredients but more importantly have clinically proven benefits based on the ingredients it contains therefore providing more noticeable results.

Still confused? That’s why we have skin consultations available at Skindepth. That way you can relax, leave it to the experts and get the right advice. All skin consults include a complimentary LED Healite.  Book in time with Lily or Amelia our experienced Dermal Clinicians.

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