Skincare for teenagers


Biretix Cleanser

Teenagers should start a simple skincare regime once they start high school. At this age their hormones begin changing which results in increased oil (sebum) production. Due to increased oil flow and cell turnover, blockages can occur which result in breakouts.

A simple regime to get started includes cleansing the skin with a gentle cleanser each night. This keeps the skin hydrated whilst removing excess oil, sweat and other debris. We recommend the Biretix Cleanser as it removes excess oils, debris and spot-causing bacteria leaving skin feeling soothed, refreshed and clean.

To assist with balancing oil flow, calming and strengthening the skin, we recommend using Vitamin B3 morning and night followed by a daily moisturiser. Vitamin B3 is anti-inflammatory in nature and perfect for even the most reactive skin. It also prevents moisture loss throughout the day which is especially important in keeping the skin strong.  

Finally never underestimate the importance of wearing SPF daily. Teen skin that is suffering with breakouts and or congestion can be impeded from excess sun exposure which can interrupt the healing processes in the skin, resulting in post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Therefore sunscreen is a must. We recommend La Roche-Posay Ultra-light SPF 50+ which is a light sunscreen option that does not clog the skin.

We understand that sometimes teen skin can get out of control and breakouts may become more severe. In this instance topical solution are not effective and visiting Skindepth’s Acne Clinic for an individual consultation and acne plan may be required.

Skindepth’s Acne Clinic runs on Monday evenings as well as during the School Holidays. The next Acne Clinic during the School Holidays will be running Monday 8th-Friday 12th April.

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