Protecting the gut from antibiotics


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Acne comes in many different forms. That’s why the treatment of acne is different depending on the person. In the case that acne presents as pustules or papules with inflammation, antibiotics may be prescribed by your dermatologist. If this type of medical treatment is required, it is closely monitored and managed by an experienced medical professional.

As soon as we hear antibiotics we think of the impact they have on gut health. As we know a rich and diverse gut is proven to promote health, reduce inflammation and increase immunity. Doctors are extremely aware that antibiotics shouldn’t be issued unless necessary, but for cases where they are recommended it can be helpful to make the right choices to reduce the risk of compromising the gut’s flora. Luckily we can influence this by what we put in our mouth.

Oily fish, sauerkraut, kombucha and colourful fruits and vegetables are all important things to include in your diet. Probiotic supplements also play a vital role.  It is recommended to take probiotics 2hrs after taking antibiotics.  Additionally foods high in prebiotics (such as garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, legumes) will help encourage the gut’s flora to flourish.  

The good news is that when gut bacteria is compromised it will regenerate, especially with the right dietary choices.

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