More than skin deep


Eyebrow work done by @femmebyfm located in Hawthorn

Cosmetic tattooing is more mainstream now than it has ever been. In fact we probably know many friends and family enjoying gorgeous feathered brows! Cosmetic tattoo is a specialist area and includes eyebrows but also extends to other areas like lip liner & eyeliner (administered with a lot more finesse than the 80s for those old enough to remember back that far!)

However cosmetic tattooing also extends to aesthetic correction including post medical intervention such as post breast mastectomy areola tattooing. It is also popular with individuals that experience hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy. It is a wonderful tool that can help people regain confidence after a medical condition has altered their appearance.

With any tattooing Skindepth recommend doing your research! As with anything that is invasive and penetrates the skin, you want to be 100% confident in the person administering the treatment and that hygienic practices are followed. When considering a cosmetic tattooist, always choose a licenced reputable establishment that complies with state regulations. Alternatively get a recommendation from your dermatologist or dermal clinician.

As with any treatment there are always risks, these include infection and transmission of infectious disease. The second risk is that permanent makeup is not easily removed, if you decide to get rid of it there is no guarantee it will go completely – so choose someone who’s previous work is aligned with your style.

Finally always follow your after-care instructions after your treatment – it will mean you get the best results.

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