The importance of layering treatments at skindepth dermatology


Here at Skindepth, we’re fortunate to have a plethora of different tools and modalities, both Dermatological and more cosmetic, to rely upon when treating our patients. Rare are the occurrences when we will use only one form of therapy to treat the concerns of a client, as the results achieved via layering treatments yield faster and more substantial results.

Additionally, we also enjoy layering treatments as it allows us to treat more than one concern simultaneously. Most clients presenting to the clinic have more than one main concern with their skin and even some conditions have multiple components to treat. For example, rosacea tends to exhibit a high oil flow but also vascular presentation. To best treat this we can pair our VBeam Vascular with a peel on top can not only help for the concerns of redness, but also to help regulate the high oil flow.

Below we’ve included some additional examples of how layering treatments can aid in achieving some transformative results for certain skin concerns.

When treating inflammatory concerns of Acne/Rosacea:

Our go-to would be our Signature Treatment! Consisting of Laser Genesis, a chemical peel and LED light therapy, our Signature Treatment targets multiple concerns all in the one appointment. Laser Genesis is great for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation/scars, the peel targets congestion and the LED helps to not only calm inflammation, but can actually help destroy acne-causing bacteria, too.

Another layered combination for this concern would be pairing VBeam Vascular Laser and a peel. VBeam can directly help with active and old acne scars/capillaries on the skin, whilst the addition of the peel will add an element of exfoliation and help heal old congestion, increase hydration, treat excess oil, and act as an anti-inflammatory. 

LED or light therapy is a great modality to pair with almost any other, as it promotes gentle healing.

When treating different concerns of Pigment/Hyperpigmentation:

Our go-to treatment would be our Express Laser Facial, consisting of our QSwitch Laser, paired with a peel. We use the QSwitch device to break down dermal pigment and then choose a peel to layer on top to add extra benefits of brightening the complexion, plus a bonus of hydration.

We also layer our QSwitch Laser on different settings within our pigment treatments. We will first treat on a deeper wavelength to even tone and treat lighter pigment before spot treating with a superficial wavelength to treat freckles/darker lesions.

This is our Pastelle QSwitch Laser in action, perfect for shattering pigmented lesions within the epidermal or dermal layer of the skin.

When treating general Pigment and Vascular concerns: 

Here at Skindepth, we will also layer both our vascular and pigment lasers together within the one treatment. Doing this allows us to target deep and superficial pigment as well as visible capillaries and generalised, diffused redness.

When treating Acne Scarring:

Scarring is a concern where we can really rely on a range of different modalities to help reduce its severity. After skin needling/NanoFrac or FraxPro 1550 (all collagen induction treatments), we can layer with a TCA Peel for ice pick scarring, growth factor infusions, peptide infusions, or we can also perform subcision where scarring is deeper.

This is a part of the concept for our new acne protocol, performed by a dermal clinician and dermatologist. For those with acne scarring, different presentations of scarring require different modalities to stimulate different responses and the best possible solution for you will need

Cosmetic Injectables and other modalities:

Combining cosmetic injectables with other therapies is one of our favourite ways to layer treatments here at Skindepth Dermatology.

Just as mentioned above, combining the powers of cosmetic injectables with other types of treatments can be one of the most prolific ways to create positive change within the skin, that isn’t surgical.

Just as administering thin dermal fillers to improve atrophic acne scarring (ice pick scarring) and pairing it with a resurfacing laser, there are other layered options we can perform here at Skindepth that inflict change to different layers in the skin, almost simultaneously.

Another injectable and laser pairing that works fantastically in unison, is Bio-Remodelling Filler with NanoFrac. The hydrating and supportive nature of the filler marries perfectly with the gentle resurfacing of the NanoFrac, which helps to mitigate signs of fine lines, crepeness and volume loss.

Here is Dr Shay in action, administering anti-wrinkle into the frown lines of a patient. Anti-wrinkle is another example of a cosmetic injectable that works beautifully with other treatments to help fight signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

We’re here to help you navigate our treatments and what your skin needs, for you. Please reach out or book in your first consultation so we can discuss skin solutions and layering treatments with you.

Looking forward to it!

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