Get to know Alanna - dermal clinician


What is your role at Skindepth?

I am a Dermal Clinician at Skindepth Dermatology and have been here for over 1 year now and loving every minute of it.

What is your favourite aspect about the dermal industry?

My favourite part of being a dermal clinician is customising tailored plans based on my clients’ concerns. I love performing such a large variety of treatments throughout the day. The most special part is seeing the confidence in my clients grow as they start to see their amazing skin changes.

What is your favourite skin care product?

I love the RATIONALE #1 Crème, this product is niacinamide based so it helps hydrate my skin while keeping my barrier strong and my redness at bay.

What is your favourite treatment?

VBeam vascular laser is one of my favourite treatments. I love the results I have personally seen in my skin but also the incredible results I have helped my clients achieve. It helps treat anything red! Vessels, post inflammatory erythema, stretch marks, rosacea, general flushing – its truly life changing.

What is your personal skin care and treatment regime?

I keep my skin care nice and simple. In morning I wash with water, then apply the RATIONALE #1 crème, and K ceutic SPF on top. At night I alternate with either the RATIONALE #4 or #5 cleanser. #4 is a ceramide cleanser so great for everyday use. Then I use the #5 cleanser whenever I feel a little more congested or like I need a deeper clean. RATIONALE #5 serum and #4 moisturiser.

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