Don't neglect the neck


The neck is one of the areas where the first signs of ageing appear, however, it is an area that is commonly neglected. We have created a list of tips and treatments that can help care for the neck.

Skin care

The easiest trick is to bring your skin care all the way down your neck to your décolletage. This will ensure your neck receives the same love your face does.

You can also add in a treatment product that is specially designed for the neck area. We love the “Nectifirm” cream for this. This amazing product contains 8 different peptides that works to enhance the health and appearance of the skin on the neck and décolletage.

Preventative treatments

Here at Skindepth we have treatments to improve the appearance of the neck which can slow down the ageing process. Radiofrequency is our favourite treatment for tightening the skin in this area. It slowly heats the skin, enabling our collagen coils to tighten. This is a great treatment for any age but most effective when commenced with early signs of ageing.

Laser treatment is effective at removing signs of sun damage that are usually associated with the ageing process.

Reverse the clock

If you are only just learning how to care for your neck you may need to speak to our Injectable nurse about the treatments that can be performed to reverse signs of ageing, working to create a more youthful appearance.

Our go to is anti-wrinkle injections for any muscle banding and dermal filler for the horizontal lines we get along our neck.

If you are unsure what your neck needs, please reach out. We would love to assist you.

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