Are you single? It's time for a skin check.


Did you know that being unmarried puts you at a HIGHER risk of melanoma! Yep according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, unmarried patients are more likely to present with advanced stages of cancer, including melanoma, and this association is more pronounced among men.

SCARY!?!⁠ This goes to show the value of someone looking at your skin all the time who may detect a changing skin lesion earlier than you, especially on sites you cannot easily visualize.

Other factors found in the study were that there was a greater compliance with sunscreen use among married patients. The weirdest finding? Marriage was associated with more adequate protection from sun exposure in outdoor runners!

The study goes on to mention that advanced melanoma is not only higher in unmarried men, but the risk starts from the age of 18! ⁠ Single blokes under the age of 68 could benefit from closer skin cancer screening than their married counterparts. 

So, guys... time for a skin check??

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